Human Nature – Blood Pressure No. 9

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, isn’t a philosopher or an historian – that much is clear. Attacking the harmless pastimes of Lord Sewel is at odds with both the history and purpose of his class, as well as not making any political or economic sense. For centuries, the Peers of the Realm have availed themselves of whatever pleasures or pains have suited their needs, however louche or perverse this may have seemed to the common herd. Sewel is simply continuing an established tradition as well as providing a clear exemplar for those promoting  entrepreneurship and recreation. The ruling classes have always behaved exactly as they pleased and, justly, seen this not as a privilege but as a right –  a fair reward for their exertions in assuming the mantle and responsibility of leadership.
Sewel and his companions were acting in their capacity as private citizens on private premises. They did not present a hazard or danger to the public abroad and, in reality, were only doing what we all imagine, if not know, they would be doing anyway. It’s only the behaviour of the gutter press and their blue-collar readers that is questionable here. Invasion of privacy and entrapment and then an hypocritical display of chagrin when the story is published. These are the same people who criticise football players for simulation!
Cameron, too, is on shaky ground if he wants to stand in judgement. Much of his time is spent rogering the NHS, screwing workers and partnering Angela Merkel in a Europe-wide sex ring that frequently buggers Greek pensioners and beneficiaries.
So hands off Lord Sewel, Cameron. Take your laminated visage back to modelling for knitting patterns. Let Sewel continue to enjoy the benefits earned by the sweat of his brow in whatever manner he chooses. It’s human nature to take pleasure where it may be found. An Empire was forged by such men.

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