Monthly Archives: October 2014

Age of Consent

You’re going to have to do some of the work here
Imagine these words stretching out an inviting hand toward you
The muscles in the forearm taut, the ribs all but puncturing the skin
And the legs aligned, in unison with the beckoning arm
Imagine these words, then as..who?  Lolita perhaps. On the back lawn
Offering their innocence, their knowingness….their halting occlusion
Are you tempted to read on? Risk all for the knowingness?
Have knowledge of these words? Betray the innocence?

I see you are discomfited by my phraseology
Which has assumed Rubenesque proportions due to your work ethic
Your lewd imagination that Humbert would disdain
If he discovers that you’ve had your way with my words….
Well, you know what happened to Quilty, don’t you?
So be less attentive, dissemble. Let the words stay at arm’s length
Look askance at them. Allow them to wander coolly into your ambit
Put on your sunglasses so the words may not see the lust in your eyes.