Boom Baby, Boom!

I was born in 1946
20% more babies were born in 1946 than in 1945
In schools, the pass mark for exams to achieve higher education was set higher than previously
I started work in 1964, aged 18
It was easy to get a well-paid job with prospects

We told people that we had a work ethic
People tell us we have a sense of entitlement

We were revolutionists
We were profligate conservatives

We tell the world that we were making history
History was making us

We invented Rock and Roll
Record companies and promoters invented Rock and Roll

We tore up the old rules, created new ones
Richard Nixon tore up the old rules, the traders did the rest

We created gender equality
The scientists employed by pharmaceutical companies created gender equality

We crashed through the class barrier
Wealth replaced class as the instrument of status

We liberated fashion, art, science  as well as fuck and cunt
The world is dying and it will cost you a million dollars to buy a house in Auckland

It’s 2015 and all the votes I’ve cast have counted for nothing
The class of ’46 has lived through important times
And has been beguiled by them
Boom baby, Boom!


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