Enviable poise. That’s your face to the world
And it needs to be
Since you are more beguiled than beguiling with your words
That elbow their way into the audience
And jostle for a place to sit
Not too easily but not uncomfortably either
Rhetoric and tonic
As the sun goes over the yardarm

Suitably dressed. Clothes maketh man
And they need to
Since you are more artful than artless with your appearance
Which otherwise might be diaphanous
A strand of gossamer
Clinging to a vine planted to catch the sun
Fission and fashion
While your shadow lengthens

‘Straight as’ personified. Sine qua non
And you need to be
Since you speak more than you are bespoke
Troubled more than tailored
A paragon whose virtue
Was long since lost
Hubris and honour
As the sun sets



6 responses to “IDOL

  1. There, but for a spelling mistake, goes a totally different poem.
    Idle – instigator of nothingness.

  2. You’re on to it. The homonym was certainly implied. So the ‘totally different poem’ has the same text with a different header. Today’s Twofer Special!

  3. Buy a beer for just the price of two and the next pint is on the house, yes ?

  4. The way of the world.

  5. Bob Hoskins obituary anyone ?
    ‘song of the common man’ perhaps ?
    You can see his demise as’ Alan Darcy’, in Shane Meadows touching and angry film ‘twentyfour seven’.

  6. I did think about writing an obit. Mmm. I’ll see what I can do, aye.

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