So What Did You Expect? (Fragment from the unpublished monologue ‘Sphincteral Security’)

SplatSo what did you expect?
Were you optimistic about the prospect of love and affection? Did you really believe the door bell’s tone? Like a herald announcing the imminent arrival of your Prince? Not just some day – but today – your Prince had come. Or was that simply Purple Rain on Classic Hits releasing some of those snap-frozen procreative juices?
Just what was it you expected, eh?
Was it someone who might listen to understand? Might give more than take? Might read to you from The Sonnets? Compare you to a summery, mummery  day at the Maypole? Introduce you to The Planets? Sweet upholstery indeed.
Did you hope for joy?
An die Freude? A bit of the old Ludwig Van? Choral comfort leading you to Paradise? Blind John Milton conducting Oliver’s Army on the road to the First Republic? Let’s get metaphysical, metaphysical. Don’t want much, do you?
How much is enough? Enough is never enough, you say?
The Philosopher’s Stone? Is that it then? Base metal into precious metal? Led Zeppelin into Golden Earring? Waterloo into Red, Red Wine?
Now I see it. The Mona Lisa smirk; the Enigma Variation; the Shadow of Your…

Why didn’t you say?

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