61 – 59

Here lies the body politic
Left murdered in a ditch
Stabbed by Key’s pimp
Dismembered by his bitch

Author’s note
The New Zealand International Convention Centre Bill
received its first reading in the House today. The Speaker had ruled that the first reading would be the subject of a conscience vote. The Prime Minister ordered his members to be subject to the whip and ACT and Peter Dunne (Independent) fell into line thus carrying the day for the government.

6 responses to “61 – 59

  1. Peter Millward

    this could be an extremely problematic vote since by way of an oxymoron MPs with a conscience are few and far between.

    • Hi Pete. Well, if the PM exercises the whip, we won’t have the opprtunity to find out. I watched the whole thing on Parliament TV. The Opposition was talking first principles and the Govt was talking commerce. Dunne and Banks, who were not subject to the whip, voted with the Govt anyway. A very sad day for democracy and another step toward Aucklandcentric policy.

  2. The Government is now officially in the business ! – of doing private business with Big Business – roll on the next election when we can vote a democratic government back in, to er….like …govern !! unless, that is, Parliament is a Limited Liability Company by then – elections no longer hold sway – ParliCorp Holdings with Cabinet as Board members, MP’s under contract as loyal employees of said Corporation – wait a minute that is exactly the situation here !!!
    Can I buy shares in Parlicorp Holdings – what’s the divi ? is there a tax break etc…………………….

  3. Thanks Spike. A truly sad day for NZ. What it must be not to be burdened by conscience. Perhaps Key will start selling Papal Bulls next.

  4. Papal Balls more like ! speaking of which his Highness JK visits Wellington for a day before flying off abroad – Standing on Shaky Ground not his style then ? has’nt got the balls to do it any longer what !!
    ‘Kiwis are tough’ says PM as he sips a pinocolada in Tobago – yeah right !

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