Just One Last Joint

Waiting in the surgery
Waiting for the thuggery
The skullduggery
‘Screw tin eyes’, I thought he said
‘Screw tin knee’, I heard him say
And thought of Oz and Judy
But it was a laparoscopy
And the crew she ate
That were his concern
As I bade him; Come – examine one last joint with me.

Stood in the ‘chef’s kitchen’
Like a spare Dick at a Richard convention
Wondering about convection
‘It’s a Sunday kinda joint’, he said
‘Etta James on regulo 4’, I heard myself say
And thought of Etta playing Chess
But it was Agnus Dei
The Lamb of God
Lunch at the manse
As he bade me; Come – eat one last joint with me.

Setting up at The Korner Bar
Tartan noise – a sound check under way
Underpaid for the 3 hours we’re soon to give
‘Beer and a feed?’ I negotiate
‘Fuck off’, the Innkeeper keeps it in
But he hadn’t heard us cover Jimi
Rob is God’s instrument
And his Hell’s Angels are air playing
And buying our drinks
As they bade us; Come – play one last joint for us.

Looking up at the brilliant sky
Staring at Vincent’s starry, starry, no worries night
Thought is faster and brighter than any comet
‘Where’s it all going?’ she asks
‘Sotheby’s’, I suggest
And our laughter is a conspiracy
A gunpowder plot
Hatched on a stash
Stashed on our patch
As I bade her; Come – smoke one last joint with me.


5 responses to “Just One Last Joint

  1. More fun perhaps than colonoscopy

    Think about words that rhyme with thuggery

    Almost “in Screw ta bull”

    I give up – you win – too clever by far


  2. I met her and the spanish archer with an all to familiar blow
    She gave me the slip with a hip hip hooray,
    loose hips sink slips…I heard her say as I bowed my need
    charmed pits of dispair, I cleared the air
    with three chairs we lounged, elongating limbs
    We were as twins conjoined in this hip joint, with aspiration to the awristocratic.

  3. I wrote you a poem in response but it disappeared….

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